James Franco Comes Out As A 17 Year Old Girl

In what’s being hailed as a major victory for the transgendered youth, James Franco has outed himself on Instagram as actually being a 17-year old female. While most in the trans community are struggling to get the third gender option recognized, Mr. (Miss) Franco has discovered that social media makes everything real. Really real and really serious.


In the lonely world of a Hollywood celeb, it’s apparent that Miss Franco just had to let himself run free. And what better way to do it than post your coming out of the gender-specific closet to your 1,682,019+ followers. While the Hollywood media and parents around the world are crying for an explanation and apology, Miss Franco has been staying true to his colors, declaring “I am what I am…wanna take a selfie? Please don’t unfollow me.”


“Wait…so [s]he would have been 3 years old when [s]he filmed Freaks and Geeks? I don’t get it.”, said confused internet mogul. Here at Shame the Famous, we are an open-minded and forward-thinking bunch. To the moguls we say: best not to think about it too hard.


However, upon further questioning on the very specific age of her grand statement, we’ve learned that as a 17 year old she is now legally able to be seen as a sex object. “I wanted to be reborn, but being a female baby isn’t as fun.”, said Franco, “Now I can post selfies of my new-budding bosom and get the attention that I’ve been lacking all these years. Just don’t unfollow me.”


With the internet based media arguing about whether this stunt is legit or the “right” thing, we can’t help but say that it is the media to be shamed here, and not the famous. People have marched and lobbied for LGBTQ community to be accepted and allowed equal rights. It is our duty as a society to step aside and let people be who they are.


In a final statement to Shame the Famous, Miss Franco stated- “You don’t have to accept me….just please don’t unfollow me.” We won’t James Franco, we won’t!