Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46?!?!

This was a terrible weekend. The Red Hot Chili Peppers fakes their performance at the Super Bowl,  the North East had yet another snow storm and Philip Seymour Hoffman died. He was 46 when he passed. Wait, What?!?

The freaking guy looked like he was in his 60’s.  Don’t get me wrong but he was a great, award winning acto—wait 46? He reminds of me Charles Bukowski in the sense that the guy always looked like he was ready to keel over at a moments notice. Hoffman was the same. A simple Google image search of him show countless pictures of sloppiness and disheveledness. Plus his ultra-blond hair didn’t help make him look any younger.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Unbelievably 46 years old

Are you sure he was 46?

I’ve read recently that NYPD is now searching for the drug dealer that supposedly gave him the drugs that took him out. I would really hate to be that guy/girl right now.  I bet he’s living like any villain from the show “24” in a cave or an abandonded wharehouse help refused from anyone who knows.

Hoffman was found in his apartment in Greenwich Village, Manhattan by a friend who was asked by his wife to check up on him after failing to pick up his children.

Again, the man was a great, great actor and Hollywood has lost an actor that (gasp!) was actually able to act (see Channing Tatum) but C’mon it was pretty apparent that the guy was –I really can’t believe the guy was so young. I really would have put him at 59-60…really. 

Either way was it a great loss that he was taken from us so….young? We think so.