Beyonce Decides To Take Up….Weight Lifting?

Beyonce is a hot piece, we all know that. Some of us still may wonder what the hell she is doing with Jay-Z.  She’s prob one of the most famous and successful singers of this generation and in a career stunt that baffles even me (and that’s not saying a lot) she has decided to take up weightlifting for the next Olympics.

Yes…you read that correctly, Beyonce says she wants to lift. She has taken enough time off being with her new baby Blue Ivy and is tired of hubby Jay-Z flapping his giant lips and wants to follow her second dream of being a body builder.

She more than once stated she always looked up to pro-wrestling and the WWE as inspiration. Her roll models were The Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker  when she was growing up and would sneak off to watch Monday Night Raw in between singing lessons.  There was just something about these men that Beyonce related with; Being strong and independent. Those qualities frequently turn up in her songs. She has stated that she she wants women to follow in her footsteps and dead-lift also and that it is the ultimate freedom for a strong, empowered woman.

She has begun rigorous training with Olympic coach Oleg Kutchinski and hopes to compete in the the 2016 Winter Games.

“She is beast,” Oleg says. “She can lift small car and toss two feet. She will be able to toss four feet by summer.”

Kutchinski has worked with Charles Atlas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Michael Cera, Carrot-Top and the guy that people call when they can’t get Michael Cera, Jesse Eisenberg.

Beyonce is hopeful that she will be a name to be reckoned with in the Olympics and is unsure about her other career as a singer.

Is this something Beyonce will be skilled at? We think so.