Jayru Campbell Re-Arrested for Body Slamming 5 year old Girl

The Detroit Tech quarterback Jayru Campbell was re-arrested an hour after being let out on bail for body-slamming a 5 year old girl.

The incident comes directly after Campbell was arrested for body slamming a security guard at his school.

Reports claim Campbell was walking home after stopping for a Powerade at a local Quick-Stop when a young girl , whose name is being withheld because she is a minor, who was walking with her mom a few feet in front of them. She apparently stopped to pick up a penny and Campbell bumped into her. He then screamed “No Guts, No Glory”, picked her up and body slammed her. A near-by good Samaritan, then tackled the ugly young man and held him down for police to arrive a few minutes later. The young girl was taken to the hospital with only minor injuries and is expected to make a speedy recovery.

“My little baby is ok, thank God, but the scumbag Jayru Campbell will get whats coming to him”, said the young girls mother.

The football player has the phrase “no guts, no glory” tattooed on his arms and according to friends would yell that at parties and would grab the closest thing and toss it across the room. It seems now that he evolved into tossing humans.

“This urge to yell and break things may come from a suppressed stress” says psychologist, Dr. Rufus Mendelheim. “Just like some of the pressures of college can cause a student to commit suicide, this is the same thing but surfacing in a different way. He really needs to get these body-slamming urges under control before they seriously hurt or kill someone”

Well there you have it. Campbell may be able to toss the pigskin around but can he just toss around a person like it’s nothing? We think not.