Police Raid Justin Bieber’s House

Los Angeles law enforcement executed a felony search warrant on Justin Bieber’s house early Tuesday morning.


Eleven L.A. County Sheriff’s patrol cars reportedly entered Bieber’s gated community looking for evidence linking the singer to an egg-throwing incident involving a neighbor.

Sources tell TMZ that Bieber, 19, was being held in his garage as deputies executed the warrant.

The search comes just a few days after a neighbor called police claiming that the pop star pelted his home with eggs. The neighbor shot a video during the alleged attack– which was posted on TM Z— and in the clip he can be heard arguing with and screaming at the egg-thrower.

During the video, a voice is heard shouting back at the neighbor: “F–k you! I got another one for you, actually!”

Social media users were quick to react to the news of Bieber’s latest troubles, with some labeling the response excessive.

“Omg a felony raid for an egg throwing incident? Wow no wonder California laid off hundreds of Officer’s. If they do felony raids on eggs imagine what they do for a homicide…” one user wrote on the FOX411 Facebook page.

Another added, “All this for a stupid egg throwing prank? I agree he’s a little over indulged punk, but wasting these police resources is outrageous!”

Some Twitter users expressed a similar sentiment. “If it wasn’t justin bieber nobody would really care about the egging incident..” one tweeted.

Meanwhile, others charged that the controversial star’s run-in with police was a long time coming.

“Justin Bieber finally getting what he deserves?! I hope that little brat is freaking out in his garage while sheriffs search his house,” one user tweeted.

The singer struggled to get along with his neighbors throughout 2013. He was accused of throwing drug-filled all-night parties in his prestigious Calabasas neighborhood and driving like a speed demon down his residential streets.

In December, the popular teen star announced he was retiring to spend some time “figuring out myself as a man.”