Lindsay Lohan’s Way of Life Will Lead to Prostitution

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan’s reputation has been dragged through the mud over the years from DWIs, Drugs, Sex, Lies, and many other not so reputable things. Once again the rumors are starting up. And it’s being said that Lindsay is stealing again. Now, the drugs and wild parties were all kind of “Glamorous” But stealing? That’s just low down and dirty. Come on Lindsay get a job!


So this time it was reported that Lindsay was staying over at a friends house and when she left the owners noticed some of their valuables were missing. They then reported it to the police that she stole from them. The owners are pressing charges against Lohan. The exact amount that Lindsay stole is not clear. Included in the reported items stolen from the house were jewelry, clothing, cash, and prescription pills.


When Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan was asked about the new charges he responded in shame saying, “You must look at like this, Lindsay is sick. She’s a drug addict. She needs help. Lindsay needs counseling and rehab. We’ve been trying to get in touch with her all week but she’s on the move. Jumping from hotel to friends houses and back and forth.”


People are wondering why Lindsay is stealing. Many people are saying it’s because she’s broke and needs to fund her drug habit. Others are saying that stealing is an addiction in itself. But why is she stealing? She has many assets. Why would someone so talented and beautiful need to steal? The answer is simple. Drugs. They distort thinking and make people desperate. Many are also saying if she continues on this road she will no doubt resort to prostitution if she hasn’t already.


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