Chris Brown & Rhianna the new Bobby & Whitney?


I know as well as the next guy that Bobby Brown beat Whitney regularly. It’s sad to see it happen all over again with Rihanna and Chris Brown.


Rihanna is an amazing singer as was Whitney but apparently Rihanna will make the same mistake of staying with an abusive boyfriend.


Chris Brown is obviously smoking crack and most likely so is Rihanna, a lot of people are already reporting seeing her looking high. And saying her face is sinking in and her forehead bulging more than usual. Which is a common sign of crack abuse.


Recently in an interview Rihanna was quoted saying. “Listen we all do stuff, nah mean? Now what I do with my man is private and up to me. When we get *Bleep* going it ain’t no thing…” and right after that a dirty glass tube fell out of her bra.


It’s so sad to see these over privileged kids become so rotten and strung out. But like she said in the interview “What’s it is I do shouldn’t be no damn to you”


So let’s just hope for the best.

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