Justing Bieber Beats Lady Gaga in YouTube Race

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Justin Bieber Beats Lady Gaga With YouTube Video Hits

One year ago, Lady Gaga bested Justin Bieber in the race to 1 billion YouTube views, becoming the first artist to reach the plateau and establishing herself as the queen of social media in the process.


Well, now it’s Justin Bieber who reigns supreme, blowing by Lady Gaga to become the first artist to rack up 2 billion YouTube views, according to social-media stats service Famecount.com. Justin Bieber set the mark on Monday, thanks in no small part to his 1 million official YouTube subscribers, who help his YouTube site average nearly 94 million views a month.


Justin Bieber, of course, began his career as a YouTube sensation, after videos of the then-12-year-old singer tallied millions of views and caught the attention of manager Scooter Braun and Usher. For most of 2010, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga jockeyed for position atop the YouTube charts, as the clips for “Baby” and “Bad Romance” battled back and forth to be the most-watched music videos on the site.


Lady Gaga also became the first artist to have her music videos break the 1 billion mark in total online views in March 2010, and nipped Bieber in the race to 10 million Twitter followers in May of the same year.


And while Justin Bieber is now the first artist to amass 2 billion YouTube views, he still trails Lady Gaga in overall online clout. According to Famecount, Mother Monster still holds a sizable lead over Justin Bieber in total Facebook fans (44 million to 37 million) and Twitter followers (15 million to nearly 14 million). Both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga trail Eminem and Rihanna in terms of overall Facebook fans: Em counts 48 million fans, while RiRi has 46 million.


Article Source: www.MTV.com

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