Scarlett Johansson Leaked Cell Phone Pics

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Scarlett Johansson Cell Phone Pictures Hacked - Naked Pictures


Real or photo hacking? FBI must unveil (or already unveiled)!!! Scarlett Johansson is rumored to have appeared undressed in two leaked pictures which were taken by herself using her own photo camera phone.


Now there are a lot of controversial debates if the photos are real or just a hoax. At a first glance it looks like Scarlett Johansson stars in the still images but not everyone can put the hand in fire for that.


Certainly Scarlett Johansson’s leaked snapshots held the front page of many gossip websites and the topic became viral over the web since it sparked on Wednesday September 14, 2011.


Supposing the two photos are real, it seems that Scarlett Johansson took them while being…at home (as she admitted). The first photo was captured in the bathroom revealing actress’s body in front of a mirror, while the second snapshot shows Johansson lying sideways on a bed and highlighting the right breast.

The release drew quite a lot of attention as it’s most likely to become an investigation case for FBI. It was reported that the actress Scarlett Johansson was the latest victim of a nude photo hacker. Some sources revealed that the photo hacking might be ranked as a criminal act.


According to the latest news reports, the photos are allegedly thought to have been hacked from the 26-year-old star Scarlett Johansson’s mobile phone (that would confirm the photos are real?). Actress’ representatives said that FBI is looking into the incident.


This would not be the first time FBI gets involved in a picture hacking scandal. They have been contacted also in the leak cases related to Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Greene, Hayley Williams, Megan Fox, etc.


Do you really think the leaked images feature Scarlett Johansson or it was just a tricky joke?


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