Heidi Klum Poses With No Makeup

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Heidi Klum Caught Wearing No Makeup


Despite the prevalence of overly airbrushed photos and extreme plastic surgery, a new trend has emerged in fashion magazines: celebrities and models going au naturel. Heidi Klum is the latest star to scrub off her mascara and lipstick for her spread in the latest issue of People magazine. Heidi Klum was included in the magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue, and just to prove how stunning she really is, the 36-year-old supermodel was photographed without any makeup on. Here we see freckles, natural skin imperfections, and even a few wrinkles. Heidi Klum looks so refreshingly natural and relaxed! Kudos to People for not airbrushing away any of her imperfect beauty, and that Heidi Klum had the courage to be shown looking like her real self.


Other celebs along with Heidi Klum have recently gone the natural route. Jessica Simpson went without makeup for the May cover of Marie Claire, and in an effort to show how advertisers alter images, Britney Spears released the unretouched photos that correspond to her current Candie’s ads. French Elle’s “Stars Sans Fards” issue may have kicked off the “natural” trend last year, as it depicted eight European celebs without makeup.


In the past, when tabloids have showcased celebs without makeup or unretouched photos, readers typically looked on eager to find flaws. Perhaps these recent photos will slowly change our way of thinking and allow us to embrace a more realistic, natural image of women.


Article Source: www.Yahoo.com

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