Lindsay Lohan Needs Rehab Says Dad

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Lindsay Lohan Needs Rehab Says Michael Lohan


Lindsay Lohan Needs Rehab Says Father Michael Lohan


After testing positive for alcohol while under house arrest, Lindsay Lohan has been ordered to return to court Thursday morning for violating her probation terms. And, right on time, Lohan’s media regular father, Michael Lohan, is speaking out about his daughter’s inability to stay on the straight and narrow or surround herself with positive influences.


“If it’s true, whatever she’s doing isn’t right,” Lohan told PopEater’s Rob Shuter. “There’s a chubby English girl named Nikki who is always around her and when she is, I get a sick feeling and there is always a problem.”


Just over a week ago Lohan threw a party on the roof of her Venice, California home. The troubled starlet, who was still under house arrest at that time, looked to be enjoying herself as did her friends — Lohan was spotted drinking from a red cup while her friends enjoyed beers and wine.


Just days after her rooftop shindig, Lohan told Life & Style that although she hosts friends at her home occasionally, their socializing never revolves around alcohol.


“When my friends come over, they’re not drinking,” she said. “Alcohol is not in my house, so it’s not part of my life.”


The disconnect between what Lohan says and does is what keeps her father up at night.


“I’m so worried about my daughter,” Michael Lohan told Radar Online. “I’m very, very concerned about the people around Lindsay and the pressure being put upon her. If it turns out that the test was positive, then I have strong concerns because if a person can’t stay straight in the house where can she stay straight?”


But when it comes to Lindsay’s violated probation due to a failed routine alcohol test, father Lohan is fearful that a judge may rule to send his daughter to the slammer — a decision he believes could only further harm her. Instead, he has his own ideas for Lindsay’s recovery.


“I’m still opposed to jail,” he said. “She needs to go to rehab. She needs to be in a program called G&G Holistic in Florida. They will not only give her rehabilitation, but they are a detoxification center and they don’t believe in prescription drugs. I don’t think Lindsay needs to be on any prescription drugs, and I think that’s part of the problem.”


Although Lohan was expected to complete her house arrest time on June 29, with her pending Thursday court appearance, the starlet could be sentenced to additional house arrest or even jail time.


Check out the photo below of Lindsay and friends partying on her roof — look closely to see a beer bottle and wine glasses lined up against the railing.


By: Kiki Von Glinow


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