Christina Aguilera On The Voice

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Christina Aguilera To Perform On The Voice


Christina Aguilera To Perform On The Voice With Adam Levine


Christina Aguilera took a break from competing against her ‘The Voice’ co-star Adam Levine to join forces with him and his band Maroon 5 for their new catchy track, ‘Moves Like Jagger.’


Levine “ooos” and whistles away on this up-beat, poppy track about trying to impress a girl with smooth dance moves like legendary Rolling Stones rocker and infamous modelizer Mick Jagger.


“I don’t even try to control you/ Look into my eyes and I’ll own you/ With the moves like Jagger/ I got the moves like Jagger/ I got the mooooooves like Jagger,” Levine croons.


Christina Aguilera comes in for one powerful yet not over-sung verse: “But if I share my secret/ You gonna have to keep it/ Nobody else can see this,” a ‘Dirrty’ Xtina warns. We were wondering how the high-paid ‘Voice’ colleagues’ TV dynamic would play out in the studio.


Fans were so excited for the highly anticipated collaboration that the song’s title became a trending topic on Twitter yesterday (June 21).


Christina Aguilera is set to perform the new single live on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice’ and the studio version of the track will be available on iTunes following the show. Until then, listen to the star collaboration below!


By: Aol Music Editors


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