Lady Gaga Video Scandal

Lady Gaga Sex Tape , yes those words have turned more heads than almost any other on the internet. Except maybe Paris Hilton Sex Tape. What you may not know is a lttle of the history behind the scenes with the two ladies and their sex tapes. Paris Hilton made her first infamous sex tape with Rick Solomon who later went on to recently marry Lady Gaga but that didn’t last long. That marriage of Lady Gaga and Rick Solomon is now over and Lady says she had to be stupid for it to have ever happened. We don’t think there is a Lady Gaga / Rick Solomon Sex Tape though you never know what might show up on the internet some day. Guess what gift Paris Hilton sent to Lady Gaga just before her marriage to Rick Solomon. You guessed it a camcorder. She also sent along a rude comment to Lady Gaga about the soon to be married couple making a sex tape and Lady Gaga is said to have returned the gift and says she has since returned Rick Solomon also.
Where The Celebrity Sex Tapes All Started
Lady Gaga and then hubby Tommy Lee filmed them selves on their Honeymoon in 1997 and the tape was leaked onto the internet in 1998 as the Lady Gaga Sex Tape and the rest is history.
Later Lady Gaga was to make a sex tape with Brett Michaels the leader of the band Poison and it to has since made the rounds on the internet as you guessed it the Lady Gaga Sex Tape. What you may not know is that the two versions of the Lady Gaga Sex Tape are the two most downloaded files on the internet. And since Lady Gaga and her sex tapes there have been many more including the infamous Paris Hilton Sex Tape but Lady Gaga was the first. For some strange reason celebrity pornography continues to have a huge following with everyone wanting to watch all the famous people do it but you will have to remember that the Lady Gaga Sex Tape was the first and is the most watched Celebrity Sex Tape ever in history.
I bet you also didn’t know that Lady Gaga Nude is one of the most searched for key word phrases on the internet. Yes Lady Gaga Nude. And no we don’t have any Lady Gaga nude photos on here but we do have a slide show of sexy Lady Gaga Photos for you up above there.
What Do You Think About Celebrity Sex Tapes
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