The Home Alone Kid – Macaulay Culkin Dies of Overdose on Christmas Day

Home Alone Kid Macaulay Culkin Dead of Overdose
Home Alone Kid Macaulay Culkin Dead of Over

He will forever be remembered as the kid from the home alone movies; and now as yet another cautionary tale of child actors who get caught in the vivious maw of Hollywood and spit back out. His wasn’t an unusual story; drugs, alchohol abuse, arrests. And now, at the age of 30, Macaulay Culkin is dead.

The details are still leaking, but as usual, drugs seem to have played a role. While celebrating his 30th birthday, an event attended by a number of other Hollywood celebrities, Culkin was reportedly extremely intoxicated, resulting in a trip to a local California hospital. Reports of the death of Mccaulay Culkin began to leak around 4am, and an official statement was released shortly after 8am.

Mcauley Culkin was well known as being Michael Jackson best friend, and for being the first Child actor to recieve 1 million dollars for a movie role. He was dating actress Mila Kunis at the time of his death.

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