Lindsay Shooting Up Heroin? Making Out with Paris Hilton?

lindsay shooting heroin on video and naked paris hilton
lindsay shooting heroin on video and naked paris hilton

Lindsay Lohan appears to be injecting herself with drugs.

Just hours after Lindsay Lohan was released from jail after posting $300,000 bail this past weekend, photos of Lohan shooting up have been released.

The disturbing images show a troubled 24 year old Lohan injecting herself with what experts say appears to be heroin.

A source told the Daily Mail:

“These images of her with the syringe are terrifying. What no one knows for certain is just how often Lindsay does drugs – or exactly which drugs she does. Lindsay has made no secret of her drug addiction. People are used to seeing her off her head.”

An insider told that Lohan is planning to voluntarily check back into rehab, despite relapsing just weeks after being released from her court-ordered stay in Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“She will step up her treatment and do more than what she was previously ordered to do.”

If she does check back into a rehab center, it will be Lohan’s fifth stay in rehab.

The actress previously spoke about her time in rehab, describing it as a ‘vacation’ and in an interview with OK! magazine, Lohan stated:

“Well, the second two times I went into rehab, to be honest with you, I had to go because it was a court thing.

It was an obligation. I had to do it to stay out of getting any jail time. And I took responsibility for that. And it was like a vacation.

But it was a positive experience. When I was there it was like, there’s a lot of people that I know who should really be here now, not for drugs or alcohol abuse – just to learn about life. The world is nuts.”

How the release of these images are going to affect Lohan’s acting career is anyone’s guess.  The actress has stated many times she wants her career back and Hollywood is known for being “very” forgiving.   Will they be forgiving enough to give the 24 troubled actress another shot at glamor and fame, remains to be seen.

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