Justin Bieber Smoking Weed ?

justin bieber smoking weed
justin bieber smoking weed

A Justin Bieber Smoking weed picture, photo has been circulating…you guessed it! TWITTER! Bad Boy Bieber appears to bebreaking the law once again.  Of course, you and I both know that this is a hoax, and that there’s really not a photo out there of the Canadian singer smoking narcotics.

Bieber got is bad-boy on as Jason McCann in the upcoming season of CSI.  Bieber’s TV debut on CSI yielded a photo of the singer in an orange jumpsuit, which of course started “Justin Bieber Arrested” Rumors.

Of course…Bieber doesn’t smoke weed. Bieber hasn’t been arrested, and he’s not in jail. He is, however, a hot commodity and there are so many teens and tweens who are absolutely in love with him.

My opinion is that this photo is a fake.  The way Justin Bieber is holding the pipe just doesn’t look natural to me. This looks like a really good photoshop job. Perhaps the folks over at BP should have contacted the person who made the Justin Bieber smoking weed photo. Maybe then they wouldn’t have gotten called out on their doctored oil spill photos.

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